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Muscle Mania

“Looking to build musclular physique while losing fat? Or just wish to bulk up?”

Nutrition plays a key role in defining your physical look.

Packing on lean muscle is tough for even the most seasoned athlete. Sometimes sorting out your own meal plan can be a little bit of a challenge, especially if you have no clue where to start!

Not only does your training have to be well-structured, your diet also needs to support your body as it grows.That is why we have created this “Building Muscle Template” to help you achieve your muscle goals

Pricing Chart:
3 Months 6 Months 9 Months 12 Months
₹ 18,000 $ 699 $ 549 $ 399 ₹ 33,000 $ 1049 $ 799 $ 599 ₹ 45,000 $ 1499 $ 1049 $ 849 ₹ 58,000 $ 1599 $ 1199 $ 949
  • a. Prices inclusive of taxes.
  • b. Maintenance charts will not be available for 1 month packages.
  • c. Freeze/ Hold facility available only 6 month and above packages.

Program Features

  • 100% customized diet plans; no pre-defined or fixed diets
  • 99.9% success rate *Your commitment is essential*
  • Access to all content in mobile app including recipes, etc.
  • Consult In person or on call
  • Weekly calls/visits. Excellent any-time support.
  • Homely and traditional food; no crash dieting
  • Long-term sustainable diets
  • Maintenance diet plan at the end of every program

Unleash The Mantra Of Fitness With Us

Let Your Diet Work For You...

The only thing that’s changed is everything, so your health & life should too.

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