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Founded in 2017, a diet clinic situated in Surat, Gujarat with a team of qualified dietitians, nutritionists and lifestyle coaches, serving personalized diet plans to the clients worldwide.

Since our inception, we have helped over thousands of individuals globally achieve their goals through our private coaching practice, online programs, strategic partnerships, social media channels, interactive workshops, and educational seminars. whether it is dealing with weight fluctuations, getting control over often-wearisome symptoms. we are always here.

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From the desk

Founding Director of Fitmantra

"I believe that food is information, it directly communicates with the body. So keep it simple and focus on eating foods that suit your gut and nutrients that support your hormones. When Underlying symptoms such as hormonal imbalances, thyroid, diabetes, stress, emotional disorders and in some cases, poor lifestyle choices, are addressed and corrected, the outcome is outstanding Health." - Know More

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Founder -Director / Nutritionist / Health Speaker / Columnist

Founder of Fitmantra Weight Loss Clinic Surat | Nutritionist
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Programs & Packages

Healthy Mind

Power over PCOS

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Blood Pressure Level

Beat Blood Pressure

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Fat Person

Defeat Diabetes

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Cut Cholesterol

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Excel Endometriosis

Excel Endometriosis

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Fat Loss

Fat loss Funnel

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Healthy Diet Plan Fruits and Vegetables
Fitmantra Diet Clinic Logo Choose What's Your Goal What's New
Athletes Running

Athletes Fuel

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Human Gut

Gut Flourish

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Pregnant Lady

Mom to be

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Bodybuider's Hand Muscle

Muscle Mania

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Wedding Rings

Wedding Bells

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Kids Nourish

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There's a quiet revolution in the world of fitness. And you can hear its approaching sounds not in the form of thundering hooves but in the delicate lilt of quiet clicks. Fitness, health and weight loss has moved online taking the world with it. Get customized weight loss and health diets on that snugly and beautifully fit in with your individual health profile. Enqiure Now!!

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2. Upload Profile & Blood Report
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5. Get Customized Meal Plan
Progress Report On Mobile Application
6. Track Progress
Body Analysis
3. Body Composition Analysis
Body Report Check Before Diet Start
4. Blood Investigation
Healthy Diet Plan On Pad
5. Get Your Diet Plan
Dietician of Fitmantra | Surat
6. Dedicated Dietition

The only thing that’s changed is everything, so your health & life should too.

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